Updox Patient Portal

Kachina Family Medicine is excited to offer the Updox Patient Portal. Updox is a secure, password-protected portal that enables patients to access their medical records anytime and anywhere they have internet access. If you are an existing patient not currently enrolled in the patient portal and would like to be added, please contact our office.

Log in to the Patient Portal here

How to use Updox: Patient Guide to Updox Portal

Portal Features:

  • Secure message your doctor anytime
  • View labs and test results within the portal
  • See your office notes, medication list, hospital reports, and immunization record
  • Access your records when you have to see a specialist

Portal Messaging Tips:

  • When messaging the doctor on behalf of your child, please log into your child’s portal account so the communication will be documented correctly.
  • Please always select the provider when sending a portal message, not the practice.

Updox empowers patients and improves doctor-patient communication.

Same Day Appointments Available

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